Dinos Environmental Technology Holding Co., Ltd. has attached importance to technological innovation since its inception, and has built a research and development center of nearly 1,000 square meters in Gu 'an Industrial Park, Hebei Province, which is used for the upgrading of product formulations, the research and development of new products and the after-sales service testing of denitrification catalysts。Under the strict management of the leadership of the company, the R&D center gradually improves the supervision system, holds a fair attitude to the samples submitted, and implements various test and test business activities based on science and technology in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant international and national standards。Ensure objective, fair, accurate and timely test results, to provide customers with good service。

The R & D center has long adhered to the "technology introduction,Personnel go out "management model,In addition to long-term cooperation with Dr. Pley, technical director of the original internationally renowned denitrification catalyst company Johnson Matthey,And a number of domestic university laboratories (such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jida, River University of Science and Technology,Kunming Science and Technology) to establish industry-university-research cooperation,Organize well-known catalyst and laboratory construction experts at home and abroad to exchange with the company,Encourage employees to study in the project cooperative development research unit,Formed a research and development technical team with its own characteristics。Dinos has a research and development team of more than 30 people, mainly composed of doctors and masters, which provides continuous support for the company's new product development and the replacement of original products。

The R & D center pays attention to the choice of R & D equipment, always believes in the old motto "to do a good job, must first use its tools", and has a number of internationally renowned brands of XRD, XRF, BET, FTIR, ICP The experimental analysis equipment provides guarantee for further technical research and development of catalyst products。At the same time, the company actively cooperates with domestic research institutes to continuously improve and innovate catalyst performance evaluation and testing equipment to ensure the smooth completion of catalyst development。

The R&D Center is currently preparing for "CMA" and "CNAS" certification。

The R & D center always adheres to the "improve R & D ability, enhance service awareness" as the service purpose, strengthen staff training, strive to improve scientific research ability and test technology level, enhance laboratory service ability, and constantly improve the test technology level and service level at the same time, dedication to provide good service for customers at home and abroad。

1.Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

2.Specific surface area and aperture analyzer

Specific surface area and aperture analyzer

3.Laser particle size distributor

Laser particle size distributor

4.Fourier infrared spectroscopy

Fourier infrared spectroscopy

5.X-ray detector

X-ray detector

6.Catalyst sample evaluation device

Catalyst sample evaluation device

7.SCR sample evaluation device

SCR sample evaluation device

8.Back pressure tester

Back pressure tester